7 TRX Workouts from Easy to Super Hard


In this video we will cover seven of the best TRX exercises out there. We will go from the easiest ones to the hardest ones, so be prepared to add them to your routine!


The first exercise is a Squad and a Pole that will get you started, it is really easy and It will train your whole body.


The second exercise is a row one, you will have to bring your straps to your armpits. Afterwards, try balancing with only one leg in order to make it more difficult. Lastly, stop balancing and try going closer to the anchor point, make sure that your body is at a lower angle to the ground.


Another exercise is the “reverse fly”, if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer this exercise will be great for you as it helps open up your shoulders while also training the middle of your back. You can variate this exercise by balancing over your heels.


The next one is “Jump Squats”, a low-impact and high intensity exercise that will help you train your legs.


The next set is the “TRX Single-Leg Squat”, it is pretty much the same as a two leg Squat, but in this one  all the effort will be concentrated on only one of your legs.


The sixth exercise will train mosts of your muscles as you perform a pushup and you bring your knees towards your chest. Beware this is one of the hardest exercises.


The last exercise is a single-leg Burpee, this is probably the hardest exercise you will find out there that requires no extra weight.


Remember, the TRX is only one extra tool to make your workout more dynamic, so go ahead and try these exercises, you will be surprised with what you can accomplish.