Killer TRX Suspension Training Back Workout

In this video you will learn how to train your back (trapezoids and other muscles), Pay attention at how Kyle exercises, it will help you get you on track so you will not waste you time the next time you go to the gym!The video will show you how to use the TRX suspension system to train. It does not matter if you are just starting your training or a veteran trainer, the TRX will provide an sustainable and scalable approach for your exercises.
In order to train making use of the “TRX Row” method, you will need to put your body in a 45 degree angle, then you will need to make sure your knuckles are facing up: this will allow you pull yourself up making sure that your hands are in the right position.
The other exercise is called the “TRX Y”. This time you will need to swing on your heels while moving your arms up as if you were aiming to reproduce the letter “Y”. Make sure that your muscles are doing the effort.
The third exercise is called “TRX T”, it is similar to the previous ones. You will need to make sure that the phalanges of your hand are facing each other. Your arms and knuckles should be facing up as well. The next thing you will need to do is open your arms forming something similar to the letter “T”.
The “TRX W” will begin the same way you started the “TRX Y”, but this time you will need to check that your elbows are parallel to your shoulders while also making sure that your arms are folded ash you pull trying to imitate the letter “W”.
Twelve repetitions of each one of these exercises will be a good start. You will have to go back to the next exercise with the minimal rest possible between each repetition. As times goes by you will be making twenty repetitions of each exercise. Please share your progress as you try the four methods stated before.

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