TRX weight loss

“TRX Suspension Revolution changed my life forever.” – Rebecca from Arlington, VA

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In the video above you will be able to learn how to perform some of the most popular TRX exercises out there, here is a list including more than 25 of them:


Back Row, Horizontal Back row, Single Arm Back Row, L pull ups, Muscle up, ChesT press, Dips, Chest fly, Single arm chest press, Ball chest press push, Ball switch chest press, Ball hand hop chest push, Atomic pushup, Deltoid “Y”, Handstand Shoulder Press, Tricep Extension, Tricep Singles, Bicep Curl, Bicep Singles, Supported Squat, Supported Squat SIngles, Hand supported Lunge, Foot Supported Lunge, Hamstring Curl, Core Bicycles, Core Extension, Oblique Twisters, Standing Core extensions.


You will be able to train both the lower part and the upper part of your body making use of the TRX. The video will serve as a reference so you can see how to perform the exercises before you begin your training. Some of them will be harder than the others, but the vast variety of methods will leave you many choices when deciding how to organize your progressions.


Furthermore, the video will show some exercises that are not directly related (and do not make use of) the TRX, so if you feel like doing something out of the box go ahead and give them a try!