TRX Basic Training Video


In this video we will introduce you to the basic training techniques with the TRX. We will explain 12 exercises (nine of them will require strength, but the other three are just stretches). For the nine strength exercises, we are going to show you about 4 progressions you can choose from in order to perform each exercise.



The first exercise is “TRX Squat” will train your legs, choose any of the two progressions shown in the video to begin the training!


The next set is the “TRX Single-Leg Squat”, it is pretty much the same exercise but all the effort will be concentrated on only ONE leg as you go up and down. Remember to switch legs, but don’t worry, the video will remind you when to do it!


The third exercise is the “TRX Sprinter’s Start”, make sure the TRX is beneath your arms as you come forward, check the video to see how to do it. Then you will need to walk back and follow the exercise shown on the video. After the rest you will perform a similar exercise.


The “TRX Hamstring Curl”, for this exercise you will need to adjust the TRX as shown and after you get in position, you will have to bring your knees up as you follow Doug or Bianca.


To train the upper body, we will start with the “TRX Back Row” followed by the “TRX Single Arm Back Row”. The “TRX Chest Press” together with “TRX T Deltoid Fly” and the “TRX T + Y Deltoid Fly” will make you feel a difference in your body almost instantly.

The “TRX Standing Roll Out” and “TRX Kneeling Roll Out” will be the last two exercises before you go and adjust the TRX again, so don’t give up just yet!


Finally, the “TRX Suspended Plank”, the “TRX Suspended Side Plank”, the “TRX Suspended Crunch” and the “TRX Suspended Oblique Crunch” will be the last four core progressions before the ending stretch exercises which will provide further flexibility to your body.