Suspension Training 101

Created by the NAVY SEALS, Suspension training bodyweight exercise develops core muscle, balance, strength, and flexibility all at the same time.

It leverages your body weight and gravity to preform hundreds of exercises that mimic real life movement. This creates super workouts. It forces your body to use every available muscle in the movement rather then only the muscle needed with traditional gym equipment.

You can control how challenging the exercises are by adjusting your body position to add or decrease resistance.



Used by the U.S. Military, Professional Athletes and Trainers

There was a time where TRX Suspension Training was only used by extreme athletes. However, today TRX is used by thousands of people at all fitness levels. Whether you are just tying to look your best or you are training for the next big competition, suspension training will deliver a unique workout that will deliver results.


  • Major League Baseball teams
  • National League Baseball teams
  • UFC fighters
  • Olympic-level cyclists, swimmers & runners

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