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Check out the Inventors Workout Video Below!

The video will start with a short interview with the creator of the TRX Randy Hetrick, a former Navy Seal and current CEO of the company behind TRX: he will tell you about his experience training in foreign lands and how he came up with his suspension training methods. Soon after he finishes, a heart-pounding training will begin that will show you how to burn lots of calories and increase your strength and flexibility.

The warm up involves exercises such as Squat Row and Lunge Fly. The early workout will involve Cloak Presses, Power Pulls, Crunch and Pikes, Atomic Push Ups, Crossing Balance Lunge, and TRX Burpee. Afterwards, you will be able to see several stretching techniques that will keep training your body while also helping you cool down and lower your heart rate. The video shows how to make the most out of gravity in order to increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise.

TRX inventor workout


The video shows basic exercises that will train your upper and lower core in less that 15 minutes: imagine how much you would be able to train in an hour or two! The TRX will work as a great compliment of a longer workout, or as a short and individual metabolic blast.


We hope that this video serves like a nice introduction to the TRX system, the innovative suspension training that will get your body in shape without the need of further equipment: you will be able to train almost anywhere you want and in a short time frame, just like you can see in the video above.


Please leave a comment below if you found the video useful, we hope that you can enhance your training with the TRX.